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Ottawa, Canada

Job Title
Customer Service Representative
$19.00 Hourly
Office time
Seasonal [Apr-Aug] Flex Hours from 8:00AM to 6:00PM Mon-Fri
Job Type
Contractual On-site
07 April, 2022

Company Description

Radius is a leader in creating, developing, and managing supplier networks to fulfill national retailer programs, specializing in complete solutions for garden and horticulture.

  • Microsoft Office


Duties & Responsibilities


  • The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible to manage and respond to the client, supplier, and customer inquiries
  • The CSR will manage order issues, relationships and monitor fulfillment rates to ensure we provide a high level of service to our customers and partners
  • The incumbent will work closely with the Customer Service Manager and Radius team to ensure that the delivery of all programs is executed to the highest standard
  • The CSR is often the first point of contact for retailers, customers, and suppliers and as such, as the “voice” of the company, the incumbent must be skilled at communicating, successfully assessing the needs of customers and suppliers, and solving or diffusing situations before they become issues or escalations
  • The CSR must have a strong understanding of Radius’ programs, be knowledgeable with the market areas, and be aware of the capabilities of the suppliers in those regions
  • The CSR must possess a degree of maturity, have exemplary communication skills, be a team player, demonstrate a solution-oriented mindset, and be a strong problem solver, to ensure all customer experiences and issues are resolved in a positive manner



Customer Relations


  • Respond pro-actively to all Retailer, Supplier, or Customer inquiries & Help Desk tickets in a timely fashion; providing excellent client service and working to maintain lasting business relationships
  • Address incoming client/supplier or consumer inquiries in a courteous and professional manner with the goal of coming to a positive resolution
  • Record and track all customer inquiries, issues, and/or complaints
  • Appropriately communicate brand identity and corporate position when speaking to all external stakeholders
  • Assist with outbound calls to stores, suppliers, or clients as required



Order Life Cycle Management


  • Track, follow through & complete the order life cycle of all purchases and deliveries
  • Address Cancellations, Returns, Credits, and Replacement PO’s based on SOP
  • Manage Vendor Portal to ensure fulfillment SLAs are being adhered to and ensure fulfillment standards are being met
  • Identify and transition escalations and claims to the Customer Service Manager

Our vision is to continue to build our expansive network of growers across Canada. We build partnerships with our suppliers and create an environment where our growers get to go back to being growers.

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