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What We Do

Radius is a leader in creating, developing and managing supply chains for large retailers, specializing in complete solutions for garden, horticulture and agriculture products.

Retailer Programs

With the company’s expansive network of growers located throughout Canada. Radius provides unrivaled coverage and seasonal assortment to help retail buyers service their customers.

Turfgrass Sod


Managed pay-by-scan and direct delivery turfgrass sod programs, delivered by our local growers across Canada.

Harvest Décor


Harvest Décor programs that offer unique seasonal assortments of natural décor options to inspire the modern fall decorating enthusiast.

Everyday Décor


We approach refreshed farmhouse style with the aesthetic of natural, modern design while preserving the beauty of farm-to-home simplicity.

Bulk Bags


Bulk Bag programs provide direct delivery of lawn and garden products to customers in clean and convenient cubic yard bags through our national supplier network.

Our vision is to continue to build our expansive network of growers across Canada. We build partnerships with our suppliers and create an environment where our growers get to go back to being growers.

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Are you a retailer looking for a partner to manage your live goods supply so you don’t have to? Are you a “best in class” grower interested in becoming part of a sustainable supply network? Let’s connect!

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